The Information Retrieval [IR] group is a part of the David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science at the University of Waterloo IR group members include 7 professors, 7 PhD students and 4 Masters students Members.

Research Areas Information Retrieval Group is involved in several areas of research from File System Search to Speech Information Retrieval as well as IR Evaluation. Our primary research interests are towards

  • Designing expressive languages, effective retrieval techniques, and efficient storage and indexing methods for managing XML and other structured and semi-structured textual data.
  • Designing scalable technologies for distributed information retrieval systems based on an architecture built from a cluster of workstations using standard PC hardware.
  • Developing and testing a methodology for evaluating email spam filters.
  • Developing a filesystem search system, addressing issues of performance, Security and effectiveness.
  • Designing fine-grained access control mechanisms for securing text data against unauthorized access or manipulation.
  • Investigating the problems that may be solved by searching a collection of documents from a large enterprise, such as the identification of in-house experts in a specific domain.
  • Designing stand-alone XML data management systems and augmenting the capabilities of other database management systems to manage XML data.